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Freight Forwarding

ACCLI transports goods from various origins worldwide to the Philippines through any of the major ports in the country. Booking can be made with different carriers with competitive freight charges and the shortest transit time. Sea freight can be applied to all Bulk cargoes with an estimated time frame for distribution.

Supply Chain Management

For your business needs, ACCLI provides seamless control of your supply chain. Through linking with various networks in the supply chain, ACCLI ensures that resources are used effectively to keep costs stable and bring better yields to your business.

Logistics Provider

ACCLI provides quality service over the flow of goods of their partner clients. Anywhere around the globe, ACCLI ensures that goods are delivered safely and on time with the best cost possible. For shipping, trucking and other logistics needs, ACCLI is here to help.

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Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier

ACCLI being a shipment consolidator or a freight forwarder does not own any ships or vessels, however, it functions as a carrier by issuing its own bills of lading or airway bills and assuming responsibility for the shipment.

Sea Freight International

ACCLI has a wide network of shipping agents and can handle shipments from port to port anywhere around the world. The company is updated with the latest shipping schedules from different shipping lines in order to optimize delivery lead time.

Air Freight International

Along with our partners worldwide, PAEI is an International Air Transport Association (IATA) agent that can handle transportation needs from the airport to the final destination of delivery. PAEI assists their clients with all aspects of the international import and export process.

Household Removal

ACCLI has its unparalleled expertise on the mobility industry, whether moving from the North, South, East or West, using their global network and fully trained professional movers and packers, ACCLI ensures its customers the highest quality of service from start to finish. ACCLI carefully packs household goods into well-built boxes and moves them accordingly to homes.

Brokerage Services

ACCLI builds its brokerage team with professional licensed customs brokers and highly experienced customs representatives. Our Customs Brokers and Representatives are remarkably cultivated and confident with Philippine’s Tariff and Customs Laws to ensure smooth and effective clearing of cargo shipped into the country and to provide you with the reliable information with every phase of the shipment that should be consistent with the applicable rules and regulations and not to mention its constant changes. Now, you will have the confidence and peace of mind that your shipments will be able to cross international borders in a safe, efficient way and timely manner.

Packing, Crating and Storage Service

ACCLI has opened its multi-facility warehouse in Taguig, Laguna and Bulacan to service its customers’ storage requirements. The facility can accommodate ambient storage for general cargoes, raw materials and other finished goods.


ACCLI offers fast, dependable, guaranteed, reliable and cost-effective trucking services to ensure their clients’ convenience and peace of mind. ACCLI’s dedicated, courteous and professional drivers ensure the safe delivery of all their clients’ cargoes to their proper designated place at the right time.

Transport Insurance

In every shipment, ACCLI considers your cargo’s safety while in transit. To ensure the safety of your cargo, ACCLI provides transport insurance on any necessary mode of transport.

Domestic Forwarding

ACCLI can book all Bulk cargoes that are not possible for land transport with a Local Domestic shipping Line.